Lightning Protection
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"Lightning Protection Consultation Services"
Lightning Protection Consultation is a new industry idea that is more suitable and cost effective alternative to hiring a lightning protection company.  This concept is not only for the continental United States but for any project world-wide.
"How it Works"

              1)   Receive a request for estimate of a lightning protection system.  Email us the specs and prints or your requirements
                                                                                                 and fill out the form below.

              2)   We will send you a proposal to have a certified UL Master Label Installer/Designer on site at all times during the
                                       installation.  You assign a adequate amount of employees to install the system under our direction.

              3)   We file and deliver any certification needed to you.   We guarantee certification 100%!

"Benefits of Our Consultation Service"

                              Cost Effective: 

                              With Them: You will be paying for a company's multiple expenses, employees and profit's.
                              With Us:  You only be paying for the cost of one contractor to over see the project.

Minimal Travel Expenses:
                              With Them:  If your main office is in another state or another country you will need to pay for multiple travel expenses.
                              With Us:  Our estimate will include the expense of only one contractor.

Keep Your Employee's Working:

                              With Them:  Multiple different workers, "who did what",  quality control, may interfere with others work unknowingly.  One less    
                              scheduling hassle.
                              With Us:   Your employee's will do the installation, so you can keep them working, this is especially good when times are slow.

An Experienced Contractor:

                              With Them:  May not be experienced in dealing with certifications (UL or LPI), limited geographically, minimal experience, not 
                              certified, and can cause liability issues.
                              With Us:  Our contractor will have at least 10 years experience, been in the presence of UL and LPI inspections (Over 100 inspections),                                                                 
                              100% track record with inspections.   Certification is always guaranteed 100%.

First Consultation Project in St. Thomas U.S.V.I with LPI certification
Cyril E. King Airport, baggage expansion project
Lightning Protection in St Thomas USVI
Lightning Protection in St Thomas USVI
Lightning Protection in St Thomas USVI
Lightning Protection in St Thomas USVI
Lightning Protection in St Thomas USVI
Lightning Protection Consultation Form:
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UL 96/96A
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UL Master Label Certification
LPI Certification by ETL
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Locally installing lightning protection in, "The Villages", Ocala, Gainesville, Crystal River, Spring Hill,  Lady Lake, Tavares, Eustis, Leesburg, Inverness and surrounding cities.

Servicing Marion, Lake, Sumter, Citrus, Levy, Alachua, Putnam Volusia and Surrounding Counties.

"United Lightning Protection Systems & Surge installs and services the entire state of Florida and provides consultation national and world wide"
Justin Lewis and United Lightning Protection Systems & Surge is certified as a Master Installer/Designer through the Lightning Protection Institute (Lic # 1097)
United Lightning Protection is a Proud Supplier of Surge Protection by Cyber Power. Cyber Power is UL listed under
UL # E196224